Infrared Filter Solutions - About Us

Infrared Filter Solutions Ltd began life some 40 years ago as Coating & Filter Design Ltd. With our MD Alan Whatley at the helm we were producing optical filters of exceptional quality to demanding specifications even then.

Heritage - With every job, our customer receives the benefit of Infrared Filter Solutions deep experience base and expertise in successfully designing and manufacturing precision optical filters for over 30 years across all major markets (see Applications). Throughout our history Infrared Filter Solutions filters have contributed to major advancements in numerous markets and applications, including astronomy, space-based telescopes, defence, aerospace, fluorescence spectroscopy, colour management, thermal imaging and telecommunications.

Technical Strength - Since its founding, Infrared Filter Solutions's has differentiated itself by providing solutions for the most challenging requirements in the industry. In addition to a long track record of success, Infrared Filter Solutions possesses a strong team of engineers, the broadest range of coating technologies and a wide variety of innovative manufacturing processes. All of these assets allow us to provide our customers with more flexibility and options to optimise solutions. We have leveraged our technical strengths to produce some of the most innovative products and solutions in the industry.Filters from Infrared Filter Solutions

Independence and Focus - Custom precision thin film coatings and filters are 100% of our business. This provides an additional level of intensity and focus with which we approach our work. Our independence also allows us to service each of our markets with a long-term view and provides an enhanced level of stability as a supplier to our customers.

Partnership Approach in Working with Customers - Another key area that distinguishes Infrared Filter Solutions is the partnership approach that we take with every customer. We staff each job with the appropriate team of engineers that can bring the "best of Infrared Filter Solutions" to the customer's specific requirements. This team from Infrared Filter Solutions interacts constantly and directly with the customer from the initiation of the inquiry to the completion of the order. This unique collaborative approach has allowed us to become an extension of the customer's design and engineering team.

Commitment to Our Customers' Markets - A hallmark of Infrared Filter Solutions reputation is our unwavering commitment to our customers' success. We have maintained strong relationships in all the various markets that we have serviced throughout our history - through the "ups and downs" of each of the industries.

We tailor our IR optical filter designs to meet specific requirements. We don't hold a stock because we are not a catalogue company, but sometimes, we do hold overage parts that might suit your application.

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