Infrared Filter Solutions - Frequently Asked Questions

If the question you are looking for is not in this list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. What type of filter do you manufacture in the UK?
  2. We're at an early stage in product design and don't require more than a few filters, can you provide prototypes or samples to help us?
  3. What makes an infrared linear variable filter special?
  4. Do you have a stock of infrared optical filters available off the shelf?
  5. Do you operate a Quality System?
  6. Do you make filters to meet the needs of the space / defence industry?
  7. Can I speak to one of your filter designers if I need to?
  8. Do you make filters for ground based astronomy?Infrared Filter Solutions produced avariety o of filters in a variety of sizes


  1. We have four coating chambers here in the UK; all dedicated to the production of infrared optical filters from 2 to 35mm. These can be notches, bandpasses, edge filters
    (Long wave / short wave pass) and infrared linear variable optical filters. (See our Products page for more details)
  2. Yes we can (and do). This is actually our speciality in the UK. Whilst we can accept small production volumes of any kind of interference filters, we are best suited to do research and prototype parts. We do appreciate that manufacturing companies have to go through a development process before a new product can be released to the market. This usually means that only a small number of components are required at the early stages. If you are at this stage please talk to us, we'd be happy to help.
  3. An infrared linear variable (sometimes called a wedge filter) is unique in as much as the coating thickness varies across the surface of the filter This variation is linear. This gives them some interesting spectral characteristics, the centre wavelength of the filter will vary along the length of the filter. See the IRLVF Page for more information.
  4. No we don't. However....We do sometimes have overage parts, coming from previous production runs. Contact us for more information. At the moment we hold few bandpasses 8 to 12µm and narrow bandpasses at 10.6µm on 1" diameter x 1mm thick Ge substrates. We also have a number of linear variable filters available.... please call or email us here.
  5. Certainly. We manufacture precision optical filters, this requires tight process controls from start to finish.
  6. YES. We have a very enviable reputation in both space and defence sectors. Infrared Filter Solutions has been associated with over 100 space missions and is a preferred supplier to many defence contractors.
  7. Yes, of course. We have always advocated that engineers should talk to engineers and we'd be happy to talk with you. Alan Whatley will be your main contact.
  8. Yes we do. We understand that the astronomers needs are quite unique and this means providing a unique optical filter solution.

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