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Here at Infrared Filter Solutions we design and manufacture optical filters for a wide range of diverse and demanding applications. Our customers come to us with many new and novel applications, these can be anything from a simple filter to block specified wavelengths to something much more complex and demanding and we are some of the best people in the business when you require something special in optical filtering.

Infrared Filter Solutions Ltd are able to offer a wide variety of filter designs including:

  • Neutral Density
  • Long Wavepass
  • Short Wavepass
  • Bandpass
  • Wide Bandpass
  • Narrow Bandpass
  • Multiple Bandpass
  • Notch (Rejector)
  • Anti-Reflection
  • Linear Variable

Rather than show you a selection of photographs of flat discs in various colours, we feel it's best to demonstrate our products in curve form. These curves do not represent stock parts, but demonstrate what we can and have achieved in the past.


Wide BandPass

Long WavePass


Linear Variable

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Infrared Filter Solutions